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Ensure Cohesion Between Your Patio Awning and Décor

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With a patio awning, your patio becomes a more useful space because you can enjoy it no matter the weather. You will have different awning styles to choose from. However, the ultimate goal will be to keep your outdoor area protected from the elements. That said, you still want to show cohesion between your awning and your patio décor.
Here are some tips to ensure cohesion between your patio awning and décor.
Maintain the Traditional
The traditional awning style usually features a shed profile, meaning it slopes down from the wall to a lower point. This style of awning is suitable for any patio décor. However, it looks especially attractive with traditionally-styled furnishings.
If you want to lounge under your awning, consider traditional wicker for the furniture. Whether natural-colored or white, wicker provides a neutral profile. Therefore, it won't clash with your awning.
For alfresco dining, consider classic wrought-iron furniture. Black is the most classic, but burnished copper is also attractive. You can also choose powder-coated iron for different color options. However, you want to ensure it matches or complements your awning fabric.
Enhance the Modern Appeal
Stationary or retractable awnings aren't your only options for sun protection. You can also have an outdoor canopy installed. The canopy consists of an expanse of weatherproof fabric that's stretched over your patio. Some canopies take on the look of modern art with their clean, geometric lines and a sense of minimalism. Such a canopy works well with a contemporary or modern patio.
Modern style can be industrial in nature. Designers tend to rely on manufactured materials to generate that minimalist ideal. You can even see distressed metal or rock-pitch edged concrete, which looks like it's been cracked in half. Stainless steel appliances are an ideal choice if you want an industrial outdoor kitchen under your canopy.
Contemporary style encompasses a wide range of décor principles. However, as with modern style, the lines are clean. That said, designers often rely more on natural materials, such as wood and stone, to provide those lines. So you could have patio flooring in natural stone topped with wooden furniture. Just avoid any ornate styling in your furnishings.
Try a Tropical Ambience
Tropical styles are popular for patios because of the obvious relation between the sunny outdoors and the tropics. Homeowners try to recreate that sense of a beachside resort even if they're far inland. If you want to try tropical style, start with your awning choice. White, eggshell, or sandy beige awnings promote that tropical appeal.
You can still opt for wicker furniture. However, consider also light, naturally stained wood. Either way, your tropical ambience will come from the punches of color you add with the cushion covers. Shades of pink and coral are ideal, though you can also add complementary shades of blue.
Go for the Rustic Touch
Many awnings come in a striped pattern. Often, the base is white with colors such as blue or green for the opposing stripes. You also see alternating bands of analogous colors, such as yellow and yellow-orange. All of these stripe combinations can complement a patio outfitted with country charm.
Furnishings for the country patio will naturally be rustic. You'll probably opt for wood — the more rough-hewn, the better. Adirondack chairs look especially attractive on a country patio. Any fabrics should match colors found in the awning.
For the country patio, the details are what make it charming. So, you may want to look for homey décor pieces such as lasered metal wall art, distressed watering cans, and ceramic farm animals. Pots of simple flowers, such as daisies and peonies, are another way to create beauty within the rustic backdrop of your patio.
Let your awning provide inspiration for your patio décor. Ensure cohesion between the two by adhering to a décor style that complements the awning. Visit American Awning Co Inc for a wide variety of awning styles and colors to match your preferences.


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