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The Best Places to Put Awnings on Your Home's Exterior

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Awnings are outdoor covers that provide a roof for sun and rain protection. Adding awnings to your home's exterior not only allows you to have greater protection outdoors, awnings can add curb appeal and add dimension to your home's exterior design. 
Awnings can be retractable (meaning you can control whether they are fully open or not), or permanent structures on the outside of your home. In addition, awnings can be attached to your home's exterior in various areas.
Where should you put awnings on your home's exterior? Use this guide to help you decide where you should place awnings for the best benefits.


Awnings placed over your front and back doors are highly beneficial, as you gain added coverage over the entryway areas with an attractive canopy-style roofing structure. If you have a wide front porch or a back patio, then awnings provide the roof you need to turn basic areas into spaces for greater enjoyment. You can even use an awning to turn a wide deck into more of an open seasonal room.
Awnings are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Speak to your awning specialist about different styles of awnings, or even custom awnings, to adorn your main entryways with.

Main Windows

Awnings are often added to windows to help keep direct sunlight and the sun’s heat away from the home, thus improving comfort and energy efficiency within the home. Awnings also protect your home's interior furniture from fading due to sun damage.
Your main windows, such as your living room or dining room windows, are often the largest windows in the home and let in the most natural light.
Consider retractable awnings for these main windows — with retractable awnings, you can control when you want protection from the sun and when you'd like to allow the natural sunlight into your home.

Basement Windows

Basement windows are often flush with the ground and are don’t usually enhance a home’s curb appeal. There are two reasons you should consider placing small, permanent awnings over basement windows.
Increase Curb Appeal
You make your basement windows more attractive in adding small awnings to the exterior of your window areas. Solid-hued awnings in a cream, white, navy, or maroon hue give your basement windows greater character. In addition, awnings can also update older basement windows and add to your home's appeal.
Protect Your Home's Foundation
Awnings placed over basement windows help draw moisture from rainfall and snow away from the home. By keeping water from dripping down your windows into your basement, you protect your home's foundation against flooding and help keep your basement dry.

The Side of Your Home

A long awning placed on the side of your home gives you a covered space where you can store outdoor equipment, vehicles, and other exterior items. If you don't have enough space on your patio or enough shade from your landscape's trees, then a large awning can also be used on the side of the house for hosting outdoor events.
Awnings come in different lengths, widths, and thicknesses. If you are planning on using an awning similar to a canopy, speak to your awning specialist so you select the right style and thickness for your storage needs.
Keep in mind that while many homeowners desire retractable awnings to control shade and shelter — as well as protect the awning’s material from weather damage during a storm or extreme weather —there are benefits to traditional-style awnings as well, especially when placed over windows.
Help your awning specialist decide which styles will best suit your needs and budget by making a list of how you plan on using your awnings.
Call our team of awning specialists at American Awning Co Inc today to see our inventory of awning styles for your home.


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