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Professional Awning Company in West Palm Beach, Florida

Welcome to American Awning Co Inc., a company that has been supplying awnings and serving the West Palm Beach, Florida, area since 1925. If there is anything that characterizes Florida, it’s the weather. Warm temperatures and the sun are, for many Americans, ideal.
Though our climate is considered close to paradise, sometimes the sun is a little too hot. On occasions like these, it’s nice to have the option of shade. With our awnings, we make it possible to enjoy the fresh air outside while not baking under the sun.

Features and Benefits

A Variety of Quality Products
We’re happy knowing that we give our customers the very best. At American Awning Co Inc., our awnings are infused with the quality and durability that have made us the region’s premier awning company. We provide home and property owners with a wide variety of awnings and coverings, helping you find the right awning for your unique home or business. Once you’re relaxing under the sun while enjoying the shade in your backyard, you’ll love your awning.

Great Customer Service
We haven’t been around for over nine decades by treating our customers poorly and providing low-quality products. It’s quite the opposite. At American Awning Co Inc., we’re dedicated to providing you with the very best while treating you with the utmost professionalism.

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