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High-Quality Fabric Awnings in West Palm Beach, Florida

An Awning for Every Space

American Awning Co Inc. provides products for any space, from creating shade on your deck to reducing sunlight through exposed windows. Our all-inclusive awnings include patio or deck covers, fixed or retractable window varieties, umbrellas, canopies, freestanding awnings, tension structures, sails and more. No matter your goal, we have a selection that has what you are looking for.
Patio Awning

You Have Choices

We also offer a wide variety of fabrics. You can choose the color, design and style that best fits your taste and complements your home. In addition to traditional canvas models, we supply awnings made from mold-resistant synthetic materials such as vinyl, acrylic and polyester.

Saving You Money

Do you notice warmer areas in your home or business facility due to exposed windows or entryways? Direct sunlight compels you to run your air conditioner all day long. Awnings reduce sunlight beaming into your rooms and can decrease your monthly energy bill up to 20 percent. With our durable awnings, your space will remain naturally cooler for longer periods during in the day.

Replacing Your Aging, Worn Awnings

Any surface that is exposed to the elements every day will eventually fade and fray. Worn, ragged awnings can be an eyesore on your home or repel customers from your business. That’s why it is important to get new replacements. We not only sell and install new awnings, but we will inspect your metal frames to determine whether they need to be upgraded as well.
American Awning

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