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Tension Structures in West Palm Beach, Florida

What Is a Tension Structure?

Tension structures are a form of construction that has been gaining momentum lately, both in small backyard usage and in large-scale projects. The idea behind tension structures is that they use the covering material’s weight to pull on all sides of one or more centered or centrally-positioned poles. These poles provide height and guidance for the attached covering.
Tension structures

Perfect for Your Backyard

Tension structures, by their nature, need space in order for the materials to be pulled and tension to be created. This requirement makes them ideal for any place with open space, including your backyard. Guests of your home will be impressed by the beautiful structure that you’ve had installed and will enjoy the shade it provides as you enjoy the company of friends and family.

Low Cost, High Quality

When you install a tension structure, you’re saving money. This isn’t because the material of the structure is of a low quality, but rather because the material used is of a lighter weight, making the construction and installation process easier. American Awning Co Inc. helps you get a high-quality structure that covers all your needs for a low price.

Stylish and Aesthetically Appealing

Not only are tension structures a great way to improve your backyard’s functionality and save money, but they also look great. When you get a tension structure from American Awning Co Inc., you’re getting a visually appealing structure that ups the look and style of your backyard. With sloping curves and centered poles, tension structures fit smoothly into any environment.
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